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Welcome to the Children First Alliance website.

We are a group of leading organisations, companies, charities, individuals and parliamentarians committed to the betterment of children and young people's health and well-being.

The Alliance has grown out of a report entitled 'Physical Activity in Early Childhood' sponsored by Water Babies and published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood (the APPG - Chaired by Steve McCabe MP and co-Chair is Baroness (Floella) Benjamin of Beckenham).

Not content to let the report 'sit on the shelf', Steve Franks, recently lost to us by COVID-19, then CE of Water Babies, committed to an independent campaign in support of children and young people with the vision of a world where the physical and emotional development of every child and young person is supported and nurtured from birth to adulthood. Steve is greatly missed by our alliance but also for the light he brought to making the UK a better place for our children to live and grow. We are pleased to have Baroness Frances D'Souza as our Children First Alliance Honorary President and Coordinator with Phil Royal of Royal Public Affairs. We invite correspondence and support of our causes and look forward to working with you, as passionate advocates of child health.

Children First Alliance Charter 2020

We head into autumn and winter with an understanding that children, young people & families face one of the most difficult periods for a generation. Our charter mirrors the calls of the National Food Strategy and the work by Marcus Rashford and Task Force to make a substantial and meaningful change to the lives of millions of our children and young people. Please share our charter and call on your MP to make these positive changes to give our children a brighter future.


The Children First Alliance is a new organisation beginning in early 2019. Our aim is to encourage politicians to act in the best interests of children. It is vital that we succeed for we seem to be heading towards the least healthy adult population in living memory.


The Children First Alliance flagship policy is the call for a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young People. What that Cabinet Minister actually does will be the key to reversing negative trends and unlocking the potential of our children and young people.


Children First sought views from multiple sectors and received a very positive response with over 160+ organisations confirming their support for the flagship policy and a series of meetings with influential MPs and Lords followed.