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Who are the Children First Alliance?

The Children First Alliance is a group of around 200 organisations, individuals, charities and parliamentarians. Our aim is to encourage politicians to act in the best interests of children. It is vital that we succeed for we seem to be heading towards the least healthy adult population in living memory.

The Children First Alliance has evolved from reports produced by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood. The group has published many in-depth reports over the last six years examining aspects of child health and wellbeing. The reports detail the growing challenges faced by children and families, which are clearly evidenced by the statistics on child physical and mental health. Poor physical and mental health are more the symptoms of the problems than the cause.

The inescapable conclusion is that firefighting on individual policy fronts will be insufficient to reverse the continuing powerful negative trends and we therefore urge the government to appoint at Cabinet level a senior Minister to take ownership of these issues and develop and implement solutions across Departments that will really make a difference.

We also understand that we can make substantial difference to the everyday lives of children and young people via key initiatives such as our School Health and Wellbeing - SHAW Scheme to have all school holidays introduce nutritious meals and physical activity for those in need or on Free School Meals (FSM). Due to the pandemic we are currently calling on the Government to extend their provision of food to all children on FSM through summer 2020. We sadly lost our leader Steve Franks to the Coronavirus in Spring 2020. He, along with Water Babies the financiers of the CFA, have made a huge difference to the work for children and young people at parliament. We are thankful though for all that hard work as we now have an alliance led by Baroness Frances D'Souza to continue his fight to make a better world for our children.

The Children First Alliance aims to: