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The call for a Cabinet Minister

The Children First Alliance flagship policy is the call for a Cabinet Minister for Children and Young People. This, of course, is a first step only. What that Cabinet Minister actually does will be the key to reversing negative trends and unlocking the potential of our children and young people.

The current junior Ministerial post in the Department for Education cannot drive with the requisite authority an integrated cross-Departmental response to the challenges.

This strong voice for children at Cabinet level would work in the same way that the interests of women are served by the current Cabinet Minister for Women and Equalities. Similarly, a Minister for Loneliness at Cabinet level has been in post since July 2018.

Such a senior position would:

Why is a Cabinet Minister for Children & Young People needed?

As Ofsted Head, Amanda Spielman categorises, children are either 'born lucky' or face 'disadvantage right from the start' unable to follow what's actually going on. Unable to keep up with their classmates. Unable to reach their full potential.

They are menaced by five 21st century 'evils':