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The SHAW Scheme

School Holiday Activity and Wellbeing (SHAW) Scheme

"The SHAW scheme aims to provide a structured 'Well-being school based Summer holidays' in three pilot schools based in Blackpool, Bristol and Tower Hamlets. The schools are all located in socio-economic deprived areas of England where need is greatest. The SHAW scheme will provide a daily safe haven for children, a nutritious meal, physical activity via sport, play, social and emotional activities and a wider approach to accommodate well-being sessions for the families/carers of the children."

Children First Alliance Steering Group, 2020.

The school holidays can be a time of anxiety for many children and families. Such anxieties are often manifestly worse in low socio-economic/deprived communities. Leaders in schools, charities, religious faiths, businesses, government and media have called for a positive change to school holidays that would benefit children, families, school and the wider community.

The SHAW Scheme: Pilot Aim & Objectives

In its simplest form we want children in the greatest need in the school holidays to have a place of safety. To be fed a nutritious meal. To be physically active?. To gain social and emotional resilience. To partake in beneficial activities rather than destructive ones in the local community. To be happy in the holidays.

The deeper outcomes would be to educate parents/carers/wider family members about healthy eating, local services that would benefit them and their families, where to call for help, how to call for help. To give a time for community/sports clubs/fire service/public health departments/local authority officers/ other public services e.g. libraries etc. to meaningfully interact with children in particular need..

SHAW Scheme Aim:

To provide children in need a place of safety, out of the elements with constructive physical activity/play, positive social, emotional games and the provision of a well-balanced/nutritious meal.

SHAW Scheme Objectives:

Short Term:

Long Term: