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School Meals 4 Summer (SM4S). What next? How to get involved.

School Holiday Activity and Wellbeing (SHAW) Scheme

We know that the summer is but the start. The effects from the COVID-19 crisis along with hunger that has been there for many years for many children will persist long after August 2020. We have campaigned with multiple organisations for SM4S provision be available for every school holiday.

We have also indicated through our SHAW Scheme how important it is to factor in physical activity/play and emotional/health education.

How to get involved?

Become a supporter of our work here at the Children First Alliance. Support us in our campaigns. Feel free to contact us at with the name of your organisation (if any), your own name, and position and tell us what you need as a young person or organisation working with children. Make Britain a better place for our children.

Please feel free to endorse our campaign by adding your name to our growing list of supporters, by emailing us at with the name of your organisation (if any), your own name, and position.

Support the Shaw Scheme

We are urgently seeking sponsorship for our summer holiday scheme, and there are three levels of financial support that your organisation can provide. To discuss sponsorship, please email us at

Join our online placard march: #schoolmeals4summer

School Meals 4 Summer (SM4S)

Holiday Provision for more than 1.3 million children on free school meals this summer

We are calling on the government to provide meals for the million plus children in England that are on free school meals over the summer holidays. Wales have already committed to this as well as 30+ MP's, Lords, Ladies, superstars, charities, national unions, and teachers, the list goes on, because so many young people could go hungry this summer.

Marcus Rashford, superstar english footballer has written a heartfelt letter to the government stating how he was supported by a loving mother who struggled with 5 children and relied on the free school meals. Marcus explains fully in this interview why it is so important that children in England on free school meals continue to have this provision for this summer and every school holiday.

The Labour government have actively called for this provision to all members and the general public through social media and a dedicated website where you can write to your MP asking for children to be fed over the summer.

There is a public petition calling for the government to provide meals for children on free school meals. The Children First Alliance (CFA) has been campaigning for this and now has almost 300,000 signatures! There is overwhelming support from all aspects of the community for this holiday provision to continue over the summer for children on free school meals.

From Monday the 15th June we will also be working with the UK Youth Parliament to form an online march with placards calling on the government to continue this provision for the 1.3 million children on free school meals this summer.

How to get involved? It's as easy as a, b, c!

The #schoolmeals4summer will bring these images and videos together to make our voices heard. We march for our children. No child or young person in England should go hungry this summer.

We can change our country for the better! You can make the difference!
Make your placard! It doesn't matter if you're a young person or an adult.
Be seen and be heard and be part of the movement for change!